The Three Ranches of Kraemer Farms

Kraemer Farms owns and operates three separate vineyard sites (or "ranches") on the eastern side of the Willamette Valley. Each of these three sites is within a few miles of the foothills of the Cascade foothills, and in the case of the Barnes' Place Ranch actually in the first range of the foothills. Each site has its own particular terrior, and differences between individual vineyards within the ranches themselves. 

Cascade FO.jpg

Cascade Ranch

Directly abutting the Cascade foothills, the Cascade Ranch is made up of one primary set of contiguous vineyards and two smaller annexes, the Oster Vineyard and Bill's Vineyard. 


Barnes' Ranch

Located a few miles outside of Silverton, Oregon, the Barnes' Place Ranch is Kraemer Farms' highest-elevation large-scale planting. 


Homeplace Ranch

So named because it is located nearest to the original acreage which would eventually become Kraemer Farms, the Homeplace Ranch contains the oldest vines owned by Kraemer Farms.