Cascade Ranch

The Cascade Ranch is the largest of Kraemer Farms' three ranches in terms of total acreage. Hugging the outer flanks of the Cascade Mountain foothills, the main block of the Cascade Ranch contains Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris and Chardonnay. The two annex vineyards, Bill's and Oster's, are both planted in Pinot Gris. Their location on the extreme east side of the Willamette Valley and proximity to the Butte and Abiqua Creeks create unique microclimates and soil combinations. 

Cascade Vineyard

The largest single contiguous set of vineyards owned by Kraemer Farms, the Cascade Vineyard benefits from the best of two worlds: the unique qualities of upland soils and the richness of Willamette Valley soils. Due to its proximity to the foothills, the Cascade Vineyard is in a transitional zone, generating varied and interesting vintages of some note. In addition to the current plantings, Kraemer Farms has recently planted and is continuing to plant additional acreage. 

  • Soil types: Holocomb, Amity, Concord, Nekia, Dayton
  • Slopes:
    • 0-12% (trending upwards from east to west)
  • Elevation: 301-363 feet
  • Years established: 2006, 2011
  • Varieties by acre: 
    • Pinot Noir: 102 acres
    • Pinot Gris: 72 acres
    • Chardonnay: 30 acres
  • Acreage currently in development: 
    • Planted in 2017:
      • Chardonnay: 20 acres
      • Pinot Noir: 20 acres
      • Pinot Gris: 40 acres
  • Future planned acreage: 
    • To be planted in 2018:
      • Pinot Noir: 40 acres

Bill's Vineyard

Bill's Vineyard was established in 1995 on 22 acres of superb Nekia soils with a gradual slope. Bill's soils are well-drained, rocky and generally ideal for premium wine grape production. Due to a significant phylloxera infection, Bill's no longer produces a significant crop. However, given the quality of the soil and the uniqueness of the site, Kraemer Farms is in the process of replanting and rehabilitating Bill's, with the ultimate objective being to produce high-quality Pinot Noir on this site. 

  • Slope: 2-12%
  • Soil: 86% Nekia
  • Elevation: 548-606 feet

Oster Vineyard

The Oster Vineyard is a 65 acre vineyard planted in 2007. It is entirely composed of Pinot Gris. Woodburn soils predominate, along with a small intrusion of Aloha soils on the southernmost part of the vineyard and small percentages of Dayton and Huberly soils. The Oster Vineyard features gradual, roiling slopes and significant terracing.

  • Slope: 3-15%
  • Soil: 90% Woodburn, 10% trace (Dayton, Huberly, Aloha)
  • Elevation: 205-279 feet